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English Dubbing App: A Fun Way to Improve Your English Skills

Learning English as a second language can be challenging, especially when it comes to improving pronunciation and speaking fluency. However, with the advent of technology, there are now various apps available that can help you enhance your English skills, and one such app is the English Dubbing App.

The English Dubbing App, also known as the English Fun Dubbing App, is designed to make learning English enjoyable and interactive. It offers a wide range of short stories, dialogues, and speeches that users can dub using their own voice. This not only helps improve pronunciation but also boosts confidence in speaking English.

The app provides users with a library of pre-recorded texts in English, covering different topics and genres. Users can choose a text that interests them and start practicing. The app also offers a recording feature that allows users to record their own voice while reading the chosen text. Once recorded, users can compare their pronunciation with the original and make necessary adjustments.

In addition to dubbing, the app also offers various features to enhance the learning experience. It provides a playback option, allowing users to listen to their recordings and identify areas that need improvement. The app also provides a speech recognition feature that analyzes pronunciation accuracy and offers suggestions for improvement.

One of the key benefits of using the English Dubbing App is its fun and interactive nature. Users can dub their favorite movie scenes, famous speeches, or even create their own stories. It encourages creativity and provides a platform for users to express themselves in English.

Moreover, the app fosters a sense of community among users. It allows them to share their recordings with friends, participate in challenges, and even connect with native English speakers for feedback. This creates a supportive environment for language learning and provides opportunities for real-life interaction in English.

The English Dubbing App is a valuable tool for both beginners and advanced learners. It offers a fun and engaging way to practice English pronunciation, improve speaking fluency, and build confidence. So, if you\'re looking for a unique and effective way to enhance your English skills, give the English Dubbing App a try – you won\'t be disappointed!

In conclusion, the English Dubbing App is a fantastic tool for improving English skills through dubbing. Its interactive features, extensive library, and community-driven approach make it an excellent choice for language learners. So why wait? Download the app today and embark on a fun-filled journey to enhance your English fluency.


Ladies and Gentlemen , Good afternoon! I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. today my topic is “Life”. I hope you will like it , Man’s life is a process of growing up, actually I’m standing here is a growth. If a person’s life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up along with these choices. Once I hope I can study in a college in future, however that’s passed, as you know I come here, now I wonder what the future holds for (= what will happen to) me. When I come to this school, I told to myself: this my near future, all starts here. Following I will learn to become a man, a integrated man, who has a fine body, can take on important task, has independent thought, an open mind, intensive thought, has the ability to judge right and wrong, has a perfect job.    Once my teacher said :” you are not sewing, you are stylist; never forget which you should lay out to people is your thought, not craft.” I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study, during these process I will combine learning with doing. If I can achieve this “future”, I think that I really grow up. And I deeply believe kindred, good-fellowship and love will perfection and happy in the future. How to say future? Maybe it’s a nice wish. Lets make up our minds, stick to it and surely well enjoy our life. 先生们女士们,大家下午好!我非常荣幸站在这里为你们带来一段小小的演讲,我今天所要讲的主题是“生命”,我希望你们喜欢。 人们的生活正在逐步的改善着。我站在这里就正在成长。如果一个人的生命必须面对许多各种各样的选择,我会一边选择,一边成长。曾经我希望我能在将来在大学里学习,不管怎么样,我考过了,如你所见到的,我现在正站在这梦寐以求的大学里,可是我更渴望知道我的未来会有什么等着我。 当我来到这所学校的时候,我告诉我自己。我的将来就从这里开始,我要学着去成为一个男人,一个?的男人,并有一个健康的身体。能够胜任重任,能有独到的见解,能见识广泛,能思想深邃,能判断出对的和错的,能工作的非常出色。 我的老师曾经说过:“你不闭塞,你可以自成流派。永远不要忘记你所能展示给人们是你的思想,不是你的技术。”我将把我的人格和我的兴趣以及我的能力带到我的学习中去,我将注重实践和理论的结合。如果我能实现我的这个梦想,我想,我那时就真正的长大了,那时我相信我的亲情,友情,爱情将会变的十分完美,十分幸福。 你对你的将来怎么看呢?可能那会是一个很美好的愿望。让我们坚定我们的目标,为之努力,并真正的享受我们的生命.希望你满意!配音没有,你凑活着用吧!


Unit 12 My favorite subject is science一、教材分析本单元主要学习掌握各学科的英语表达,以及表示程度的形容词,学会使用自己对东西或者事情喜好的表达,并简单表示喜欢于不喜欢的原因.Section A 是以talking and listening为主,让学生去充分运作语言功能,和感受语言 what’s your favorite subject?及其新词汇。Section B 以读写为主,教材设置要求学生用所学的语言去完成任务,培养学生的综合运用能力。二、教学目标1、知识目标词汇:学习并掌握学科名称以及星期名称favorite, subject, math, science, biology, P.E., because, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday等.语法:掌握what,why,who引导的特殊疑问句及其回答的运用;学会使用表示品质的形容词:fun,interesting,relaxing,difficult等.2、功能目标:能流利地应用本单元所学的新词汇、新语法进行听、说、读、写,能学会安排自己的作息时间。3、情感目标:学会合理安排学习,作息时间;学唱星期歌song of the week三、教学重点和难点① 掌握重点词汇及what,why,who引导的疑问句、及肯定与否定回答.② 学会谈论自己喜欢的科目及东西,并说明理由.③ 学会表达一周的七天,并学会安排自己的作息时间.四、教学安排本单元共分为4课时:Section A 2课时,Section B & Self check 2课时五、教学设计Section APeriod 1Step 1 Warming up and lead in1.用电影Harry Potter预告片作为本课热身,看完之后向学生提问:Do you like the film?然后老师继续表达自己的看法:I like this film best. It’s my favorite movie. What’s your favorite movie?(教师这个时候把这个句型写在黑板上,引起学生的注意。)提出这个问题以后,让学生说说自己看过的影片,操练本课的重点句型:What’s your favorite … ?操练结束以后,老师继续说:I like Harry Potter, because he is a good student. He works very hard and does so well. Let’s see how he works, ok? (用幻灯片展示Harry Potter上课的情形)(Harry Potter这个电影片段主要是考虑到学生本身对这个人物比较感兴趣,有利于激发学生的兴趣,因为Harry Potter本身也是一个学生,他在一所魔法学校里读书,而且学习的课程也很多。这点跟本课比较贴近。使用该片子,教师使用谈话的方式,轻松的把话题由Do you like the film? ——What’s your favorite movie? 提出这个问题以后,让学生说说自己看过的影片,有利于扩大大家的视野。同时也是为了引出本课的重点句型:What’s your favorite … ? 并让学生在表达的时候操练该句型。在阐述喜欢Harry Potter的理由时,也是德育教育的一个过程。)Step 2 New words learningT:Do you know what subject it is? 跟学生介绍Harry Potter在魔法学校的课程,然后问学生:And what subject do we have? (幻灯片展示学生平时的课程)展示完成以后,进行本单元词汇的拓展,问学生:Do you know any more subjects?进行小范围的提问,并要求回答的学生把词汇写在黑板上。(通过介绍Harry Potter在魔法学校的课程,牢牢抓住学生的兴趣,从而引出学生平时的课程,使话题贴近生活,也使学生比较容易接受。在掌握新单词的前提下,进行必要的拓展,有利于扩大学生的视野。)Step 3 New sentence patterns learning3.T:Ok, what’s your favorite subject? 这里可以先由老师向个别同学提问,然后问:Do you want to know your partners’ favorite subject . Please ask each other. 在个别提问了以后,把范围扩大到全班,同时也进行了操练。(从问subject到favorite subject,难度逐步增加,符合学生的认知接受能力。在操练的时候,把机械的提问,转化为跟同桌的交流。)操练结束以后,请两位学生来台上做表演:一个人做动作,一个人猜:what’s his favorite subject?/ what’s her favorite subject?(在巩固了what’s your favorite subject这个句型之后,通过游戏表演的方式来呈现what’s his favorite subject?/ what’s her favorite subject?全体学生在轻松愉快的课堂中接受。这样的表演可是依照课堂实际情况掌握表演组数)在作完这个表演的时候,教师对最后一个学生提问:why do you like it ?然后教师再针对个别同学提问what’s your favorite subject? why do you like it ?学生回答了之后,教师可以面向全体学生问:what’s his favorite subject?/ what’s her favorite subject?why does he/she like it ?(通过有效的示范提问,以及不断的操练,有利于开展下面活动的顺利开展。)Step 4 Survey给学生一个示例,以Harry Potter做范例:Name : Harry PotterFavorite subject : broomstick subjectWhy : because it’s interesting and excitingDislike subject : potion subjectWhy :because it’s boring请学生做一个Survey:Name :Favorite subject :Why :Dislike subject :Why :完成Survey之后请同学上台做report:His/Her name is….His/Her favorite subject is ….. Because …He/She don’t like …. Because…Step 5 Homework1. 根据调查写一个短文,并准备下堂课做报告2. 查找自己最喜欢的明星档案,爱好.反思:对于本课学生比较感兴趣,上课气氛很好。不过对于那些补充的SUBJECTS,有些学生难以很快掌握。Period 2Step 1 Revision and lead in1.做Daily report主要是为了巩固学生在上节课里学过的内容: His/Her name is….His/Her favorite subject is …..Because …He/She don’t like …. Because…同时上台的report形式也能锻炼和提高学生的口头表达能力和临场的发挥能力.Step 2 Learning and practice1.观看教学短片:该教学短片包括what’s your favorite subject? Who is your ... teacher? My ... teacher is ... who is your favorite teacher is ... My favorite teacher is .... and the reasons笔者在设计的时候是期望能够让学生自己设计这样的一个教学短片,两个同学聊天,话题不局限于本单元的重点句型,但要突出这几个句型.即让学生自导自演呈现对话.之所以这么设计,一个是为了让学生从做中学,并使他们在做与学中获得积极的成就感,从而提高对英语学科的兴趣.另外,这样的形式可以有效的把英语学科跟其他相关学科的内容渗透在一起,体现了新课程的理念.当然,这样的尝试能不能成功,还得在教学中探索实验.2.教学短片播放完成之后,展示短片里的关键句型,在教学短片中用不同的语音语调反复的朗读重点句型,并让学生跟读加深其在学生脑中的印象.让学生自己模仿上面的对话进行操练A: Good morning, Mary!M: Good morning, Alan! How are you today?A: Fine, thanks. And you?M: I’m OK. What are you doing now?A: oh, I’m reading the English book.M: Do you like English?A: Of course. English is my favorite subject.M: Why? I don’t like English, it’s so difficult.A: I don’t think so. Because it’s so interesting, I think.M: Oh, I see .Who is your English teacher?A: Miss Lin is my favorite teacher.M: And what about you?A: My favorite subject is math. It’s so fun .And my favorite teacher is Mr. Hu. He is very kind.M: Woo, I like him ,too. It’s time to go to class.A: Oh, yes. Goodbye.M: Byebye.同时通过这样的提问,和同桌一起完成P73 3b的表格.3.让学生模仿人物进行配音活动。(设计配音的活动是为了矫正学生的语音语调,同时也是让学生学会表演,而不是一味的去读去背对话。把对话做得鲜活生动。)Step 3 Talk showT:Well done. Can you tell who is your favorite super star?学生简单的回答之后。T: My favorite super star is a basket player. Do you know who is he?学生猜中之后,向学生介绍: Yes, Yao Ming is my favorite super star. Do you want to know something about him?He is a Chinese. He works very hard, so, now ,he plays basketball in America. He is a new star in NBA. His favorite food is rice. And his favorite color is blue. His goal is to be Top player in America.在介绍姚明的播放介绍姚明的短片.看完之后让学生讲讲自己喜欢的明星.Step 4 Homework对父母进行一次了解,完成表格4.设计这样的任务,为了巩固本课所学知识点,其次笔者想借这样的形式让孩子学会关心父母,进行德育教育.Section BPeriod 3Step1. Revision1. 检查学生前次课的家庭作业(一个调查).favorite city favorite food favorite color favorite TV show favorite sportMomDad检查以”报告”的形式进行,这样既可以复习本单元的重点交际语...’s favorite... is... 同时又可以锻炼学生的口语能力.因为”报告”的任务比较简单,因此可以叫一些英语成绩比较差的学生完成,这样可以给他们带来英语学习的成就感.2. 将教师自己做的调查用实物投影仪展现给学生.与学生完成同样的任务,这样可以拉近教师与学生的心灵距离.在展现并表述完之后,教师可以简单地用语言将话题自然地转移到本节课的下一个教学环节上去.可以这样讲述:This Sunday, I will bring my Mom and Dad their favorite food. We are free on Sundays. I like Sundays very much. Do you know how Sunday comes about?Step2. New words learning and consolidation1. 呈现 “Sunday”的由来,以引起学生的学习兴趣,激发学生的好奇心.2. 用歌曲 “Song of the week”呈现并学习新词.3. 制作功课表.教师将功课表的模式呈现在幻灯片上.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday1234567功课表的制定目的有两个.1:通过让学生制作功课表复习Unit 12 Section A中所学的课程名称.同时可以增强学生的动手能力.2.为下一步教学步骤做准备.Step3. Presentation1. 问学生 “Which day is your favorite day?”以举手表决的方式决定Which day is the students’ favorite day in the class 这一步骤可以复习上节课所学句子My favorite...is...2. 要求学生针对功课表说说 “Why do you like that day?”这步骤的设计目的在于在复习 “Why do you like...?”的同时引出本节课的新交际用语 “We have...on that day.”3. 新交际用语的操练.T: When do we have...?Ss: We have...on...运用这种形式进行操练对英语初学者而言是必不可少的.Step4. ListeningT: So much for our own class schedule, now let’s listen to someone else’s.让学生听录音完成Section B 2a 2b.听力的次数安排教师可以根据学生的具体情况灵活掌握.将听力安排在此处进行,是因为在熟悉本课的重点交际用语后进行听力可以降低听力的难度,树立学生的学习自信心.Step5. SurveyT: Good friends should know each other well. Now let’s do a survey to know more about your good friends.My good friends Favorite subject Why? When?做完后让学生做口头报告.(教师将他们的表格呈现在实物投影仪上)这一安排让学生在操练语言的同时学会关心自己身边的人.Step6. HomeworkMake a plan for the coming week.目的在于让学生学会计划自己的时间.反思:功课表的制作,对部分学生来说有些难度,因为词汇量较多,课后还应加以补充练习Period 4Step1. Revision1. 让学生唱 “Song of the week”在复习单词的同时集中学生的注意力2. 做游戏.叫一个学生上台,让其他学生猜 “What day is his/her favorite day?用游戏的方式复习所学单词和交际用语,可以让学生体会到在做中学,在学中用的快乐.同时这样可以让学生认识到任务和活动对英语学习的重要性.Step2. Listening将课本Section B 3a中所涉及到的科目名称打在幻灯上,让学生听3a的课文录音.T: Underline the things Li Mei likes and circle the things she doesn’t like.将课本的阅读内容首先作为听力内容来使用,是因为作为阅读任务对学生而言有些简单,并且考虑到本节课没有其他的听力练习.Step3. Reading阅读内容来自课本3a部分1. 教师自己就阅读材料设置几个问题,并打在幻灯上.Q1. When does the first class begin?Q2. Why do you think Lin Mei likes science?Q3. What’s her favorite subject, why?Q4. What does Lin Mei think of her music teacher?Q5. What subjects does she have after class?因为这课是本学期的最后一课,所以稍微增加点难度可以让学生增强学习英语的紧迫感,在这时适当的紧迫感可以促使学生更好地学习英语.2. 让学生根据阅读材料完成TuesdayTime Subjects Time Subjects8:00 to 9:00 12:00 to 1:009:00 to 10:00 science 1:00 to 2:0010:00 to 11:00 2:00 to 4 :0011:00 to 12:00 4:00 to 5:00Step4. CompetitionT: I think Li Mei is very busy. Do you think so?Ss:..T: We have a lot of classes every day, too. We are also very busy, right?Ss: ...T: If you were a school headmaster, please make a class schedule for your students.当学生制定完课程表后,教师让学生自愿上来展示他们自己的课程表并说明理由.之后让在座的学生选出其中的最佳校长.这样的设计可以树立学生们的竞争意识,同时可以增强学生思考问题,解决问题的能力.甚至可以让他们树立起自己的职业理想.Step5. WritingT: We know that now we have a very good school headmaster. And of course, we like him/ her very much. There is a student who doesn’t like studying. (Show the students’ self-introduction on the screen.) Please write a letter to him to tell him this good news.设置情景让学生写作文,可以更好的发挥学生的想象力.使他们有话可写,进而喜欢英文写作.Step6. Homework寒假就要到了,每年寒暑假,爸爸妈妈让我们上这个美术班那个奥林匹克数学班.一点自己的时间都没有了,此时此刻你想对爸爸妈妈说些什么呢?请给父母写一封信,把你们的想法告诉他们.字数50-60










综述:Bambi the deer is a Disney animated film directed by James Arg and voiced by Hardy Albright, Tim Davis and Stan Alexander.

The film was released in North America on August 21, 1942. It is the fifth full-length cartoon produced by Disney. The film tells the story of a little deer named Bambi who experienced joy and sadness, lost his family and home, overcame difficulties and thrived.翻译:《小鹿斑比》是由詹姆斯·阿尔格等执导,哈迪·奥尔布赖特、蒂姆·戴维斯、斯坦·亚历山大等配音的迪士尼动画电影。该片于1942年8月21日在北美上映,是迪士尼制作的第五部长篇动画片。影片讲述了一只叫斑比的小鹿经历了欢喜与忧伤,失去了亲人和家园,克服困难茁壮成长的故事。













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